Our goal with the token offering is to fully distribute the available inaugural SupraScoop S-Tokens and to disperse SPT freely into the open crypto market, and in so doing kickstart an ecosystem around SupraToken. Towards that goal, we have designed the initial token offering to position the proof of concept SupraScoop S-Token as the primary product offering to participants with a bounty of SPT distributed freely with every S-Token purchase.

The Initial Token Offering mechanics and details are as follows:

Hard Cap = 6000 SupraScoop S-Tokens available for purchase in terms of the inaugural S-Token Offering (STO).

Bonus SPT issued S-Tokens

= 240 000 000 SPT


Max Issued SPT

= 560 000 000 SPT


S-Token base price

= $2403 USD USD is the base currency

= 20,54 ETH coinmarketcap as at 25/01/2019

= 0,665 BTC coinmarketcap as at 25/01/2019

There is no soft cap. No minimum level of sales or funding are required. 

Pre-presale will take place from the launch date published on the website until 500 S-Tokens are sold.


Total bonus SPT issued with Pre-presale 500 S-Tokens – 27 500 000 SPT. 

Pre-Presale token purchases carry a 29% discount on the base price.

The Pre-presale is only available to clients of Supra Technologies Limited or associated companies.

Pre-sale will take place after the Pre-presale has concluded until an additional 2000 S-Tokens are sold.

Total bonus SPT issued with Pre-sale 2000 S-Tokens – 90 000 000 SPT. 

Pre-presale token purchases carry a 20% discount on the base price.


Main sale will take place after the Pre-sale has concluded until an additional 3500 S-Tokens are sold.

Total bonus SPT issued with main sale 3500 S-Tokens – 122 500 000 SPT.

Screenshot 2019-01-24 at 19.43.53.png



Additional Details


SupraScoop S-Tokens purchased will be issued every 60-day period, or as close thereto as possible, from the commencement of the Pre-presale. All S-Tokens issued will be active for use on the SupraScoop platform immediately.


For timeframes related to the activation of S-Token lease and resale rights please view the Roadmap section of our Whitepaper available for download from the homepage. No timeframes can be guaranteed.


Bonus SPT will be issued within 30 days, or as close thereto as possible, from the launch of the SupraTeller marketplace. SPT is issued free of charge.


A portion of the additional SPT held by the Company will be used to initiate accelerator programs for future S-Token projects and offers.


The purpose of the SupraScoop S-Token sale is to facilitate and deliver a proof of concept product within the project framework, whilst at the same time empower the full ecosystem with the distribution of SPT into the crypto economy.



  • One SupraScoop S-Token represents access to the benefits of a single premium SupraScoop subscription.

  • S-Tokens have a maximum lease value equal to the equivalent value of a paid premium subscription.

  • S-Token lease liquidity is subject to supply and demand and no values can be guaranteed.


S-Token resale value and liquidity is subject to supply and demand and no values can be guaranteed, but the full issue price can be taken as an indicator of possible resale value estimation. The SPT issued in terms of the Initial Token Offering are issued as a free bonus and at no cost to the purchasers of the SupraScoop S-Tokens. All S-Token acqisitions should be considered highly speculative and high risk in nature. SPT is a free bonus and deployment is not guaranteed.


The fundamentals of the SPT distribution in relation to the ecosystem potential has been assuming a nominal value of 0,10 USD per SPT. This nominal value, any escalation in value and the liquidity of SPT cannot be guaranteed. Trading of SPT and a possible escalation in value are subject to the successful listing of SPT on cryptocurrency exchanges and the levels of supply and demand on those exchanges. There is no current listing date planned and no listing is guaranteed.


Crypto tokens and trading on cryptocurrency exchanges should be considered high-risk and highly speculative in nature. Please refer to the risk disclosure section of the terms and conditions.